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Mind Power - Fact or Fiction? Prove It For Yourself In The Next 7 Minutes - Truly Awesome!

Who are you?

We all know that we are composed of atoms. But what are atoms made of?

Physicists tell us that atoms are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons. They also tell us that these components are 'point particles'.

They also tell us that point particles have no mass and therefore occupy no space. If they occupy no space they are, by extension of logic, not affected by time ? the space/time dimension ? no space indicates no time.

Never forget that there is only ever the NOW moment ? no other time frame outside of NOW ever exists!

Let's face it, the truth is that nobody has ever seen an electron!

Physicists also say that the electron isn't a 'thing' at all, but is, in reality, a point of quantum possibility.

So, we are composed of elements that have no mass, occupy no space, are not affected by time and that nobody has ever seen ? we are, in fact, pure potential and/or possibility.

Said in another, more direct way, we can have, be and do whatever we conceive as possible!

Is seeing really believing?

Modern day physics, psychology and philosophy show us, beyond a shadow of doubt, that reality is not what it seems.

To understand reality, we must first understand how we perceive it.

We can only perceive reality through our five senses ? which, by logic, must be composed of point particles as well. Why? Because they are part of our physical experience which is composed of ? yes, that's right, point particles.

Let's start with vision, the sense we are usually more aware of.

When you look at a tree, for example, light (composed of photons) reflected from the tree focuses on the retina of your eye which, in turn, releases a flow of electrons. These electrical impulses are then sent to the brain's visual cortex. This raw data is then converted into an image of a tree which is what appears in our consciousness.

Is the tree really real? There's no evidence to prove it as all you're actually experiencing is an image generated in your mind.

By the way, guess what photons are. Yes, they are also classed as point particles ? they don't 'exist' either!

And you might like to know that human beings are only ever aware of one thousandths of one per cent of the entire light spectrum!

Do your senses make sense?

In fact, all your everyday experiences of life, follow the same sort of 'filtering system'.

Everything, and I mean everything, that you see, hear, taste, touch or smell have simply been create for you from data received by your sensory organs and converted into your 'reality' of what's 'out there'.

However real all these 'things' may seem to you they are only mental images and feelings which have been constructed entirely within your mind.

Dreams do come true

It is often said that the mind cannot tell the difference between what's 'real' and what is imaginary ? for example a dream.

I like to think that it's not that it doesn't know, it's that it doesn't differentiate between the two.

This isn't being pedantic in any way. The first statement seems to rely on the need to somehow trick the mind into believing something is 'true' or 'real' when we consider it not to be.

The second statement indicates that we don't have to 'con' the mind into anything as, in fact, it will willingly accept the 'trueism' of what we present it.

A dream is a creation of our own mind in which people and events are separate from us and therefore everything seems so 'real'.

When we are awake the 'reality' that we experience is created by our sensory data input and simply bears a closer resemblance to what is happening 'out there'.

The same process of 'reality generation' occurs in both dreams and in waking consciousness.

So, what's the difference? NONE!

You are not a passive observer of a randomly created world ? you are the active creator of the world you observe.

Let's stop believing what we see and start seeing what we believe!

The mind does indeed have power ? here's the proof!

The Secret Of The Shaolin Monks

This exercise is has been known for thousands of years and is just as valid today as ever.

1) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

2) Raise an arm to the side of your body (your left or right, whichever is more comfortable for you) so it is at the height of your shoulder with the palm facing upwards and the fingers outstretched. Slightly bend your arm at the elbow.

3) Breathe deeply through your nose taking about 6 seconds to complete the inhalation.

4) Imagine a point about two and a half inches below your navel (called seika no iten in Japanese). This is the center of gravity of your body.

5) As you take in subsequent breaths imagine this point getting brighter and brighter until it has the power of the sun.

6) Now, imagine power emanating from this 'sun'. See it travelling through your body and up into your outstretched arm.

7) See this energy pouring along your arm and bursting out of your finger tips 'to the ends of the universe'.

8) Now get somebody (or several people to try and bend your arm naturally ? not against the joint, this isn't a judo lock!)

9) They should apply pressure slowly at first and then gradually increase the intensity of the force applied. Do not use your muscle power or you will fail miserably. Only use your imagination ? the power of your mind ? nothing else.

You will find, to your utter amazement, and theirs, that they are completely unable to bend your arm even if they are physically much stronger than you!

Why should this be so?

You tell me! This is not a cheap magician's trick ? this is 100% proof of the power of the mind.

There are various alternatives to this fascinating exercise including the ability to change your body weight at will. This is a truly awesome experience and a real eye-opener as to how the mind can indeed do wonders and really does have power ? the power to create anything we could possibly imagine!

Ian S.N. Randall
(Author of Accelerated Goal Manifestation)

Ian has degrees in Education and Psychology and is author of the highly acclaimed "Accelerated Goal Manifestation" which you can be yours for a small and worthwhile donation.

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