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Health Update: Have Your Chocolate and Eat It, Too!

According to the Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis & Haemostasis, a report released on August 10, 2005 elaborates how "Cocoa is the New Red Wine..."

In Southampton, England, a research team headed by Dr. Denise O'Shaugnessy, presents new evidence that drinking a cup of cocoa is benefiicial in the prevention of potentially life-threatening strokes and heart attacks. Per Dr. O'Shaugnessy, "Cocoa contains a substance called flavenoids, which are also present in red wine. Flavenoids can be preventive for coronary heart disease..."1

What exactly are "Flavenoids?" Flavenoids are chemical antioxidants that help to lower cholesterol levels. Not only effective in boosting immune systems, flavenoids help in the fight against heart disease, support weight control, and can even shield against some cancers.

Cocoa powder and chocolate, especially, contain sources that are rich in high quality polyphenol. According to one Dutch study, research discovered that chocolate contained a rich source of polyphenol flavenoid catechin -- which had four times the amount found in tea!2

In addition to cocoa and chocolate, apples and grapes are great sources for flavenoids. Some other good flavenoid sources include: blueberries, cranberries, hazelnuts, pecans, pintos, pistachios, plums, red kidney beans and small red beans.

Guilt-free chocolate? Perhaps. Like all dietary consumption, certain foods are best used in moderation and should never replace the advice of a professional practitioner.

To learn more about flavenoids or natural wellbeing and health, feel free to peruse our Holistic and Naturopathic directories at Holistic Junction today.


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  • Copyright 2005 -- All Rights Reserved
    Health Update: Have your Chocolate and Eat it, too!
    Report by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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