The Ballad of: Brawling Mad-dog Sergeant Rook [Now in: SPANISH and English]

English Version

A bunch of us guys in the hut

In ?Nam
Were playing cards, singing songs;
In a solo-room, back of the hut
Lay mad-dog, Sergeant Rook;

And watching from a distance
Was his sidekick, Corporal Cook.

When out of the night, he wanted

To fight
This bully of six-foot-two
Dog-drunk, smelling like a skunk

I wanted to fight him too.

He wobbled like a duck as I

Blocked his punch-

(for I was drunk too),
And I kicked him several times

I guess-
Yet he didn't fall, as expected
This Sergeant I barely knew?

There was no man, could beat

This bear of a brut,
In our company, or there about
So I kicked him in the groin

And still he didn't shout!

And such was I, as he looked

At me
Puzzled from brow to foot
He was a demon from hell I

This mad-dog Sergeant Rook.

With the face of bulldog

And a deadly stare
I swear he was three hundred

I twisted my body like a cobra
Jumped in the air like a bird

And when I came down
The blaze in his eyes were gone

This mad-dog Sergeant Rook!

I pierced my fingers into his flesh
Like nails and thorns-with

Then I moved from side to side

A bit
As he swayed like a tree in a storm
Clutching the side of the hut

I guess;
We both knew, we wanted no more.

In echoes he cursed insanities-

As his sidekick cheered him on
But for he and I, the game was

It was back to war, in Vietnam!...

Note: 699 5/31/05

Spanish Version

La Balada de :
la Pelea del perro rabioso Sargento Rook.

Un grupo de nosotros los muchachos en la choza

En ?Nam
Jug?bamos a las cartas, cantando canciones;
En un cuarto solo, atr?s de la choza
Sargento Rook, Puso al perro rabioso,

Y mirando desde una distancia
Estaba su compa?ero, el cabo Cocinero.

Cuando hacia fuera de la noche, ?l quiso

Este mat?n " de seis pie dos "
perro borracho, oliendo como un zorrillo

desee lucharlo tambi?n tambi?n.

?l se bambole? como un pato as?, yo
bloquee su pu?ete-

(por que yo tambi?n estaba borracho),
Y le di de patadas varias veces

M?s el no se cay? como esperaba.
Este Sargento yo, apenas lo conoc?a ?

No hab?a ning?n hombre, que podr?a golpear

Este oso de un brut,
En nuestra compa??a, o por all?
Entonces le di patadas en la ingle

Otra vez-
?Y de todos modos ?l no grit?!

Y tal era yo, como ?l mir?

En m?
Dejado perplejo de frente a pie
?l era un demonio del infierno

yo Pienso
Este sargento Rook perro rabioso.

Con la cara de bulldog

Y un mirada fija mortal
Juro que ?l ten?a trescientas

Torc? mi cuerpo como una cobra
salt? en el aire como un pajaro

Y cuando baj?
El resplandor en sus ojos se habian ido.

?Este Sargento Rook perro rabioso!

Perfor? mis dedos en su carne
Como u?as y espinas- con

Ferocidad ?
Entonces me mov? un poco
de un lado al otro
Como ?l se balance? como un ?rbol en una tormenta
Agarrando el lado de la choza

Ambos sab?amos, no quisimos m?s.

En ecos ?l maldijo locuras-

Como su compa?ero lo alent?
Pero para ?l y para mi el juego hab?a acabado

?Esto fu? tras de La guerra, en Vietnam!...

Note: 699 5/31/05

Poet/Author Dennis Siluk, produces a ballad of Vietnam, an occurance, where more truth resides than fiction. The Author lives in St. Paul, Minnesota and Lima, Peru; and was a soldier in the Vietnam war

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