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There is a growing appreciation of the impact of psychic factors on the causation and exacerbation of many physical illnesses. For instance such problems as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer have been felt to have such psychically based links.

In recent anecdotal research case studies using a new process called the Mind Resonance Process(TM)(MRP), I have been finding that more illnesses than we think may have psychic underpinnings. MRP is a tool that helps uncover and release destructive emotions, beliefs, perceptions and memories from one's energy field. In doing so it is able to completely clear the offending element.

What is more remarkable is the cascade effect that appears to occur from the energy field to the physical field. For instance, recently I worked with a client who had macular degeneration in one eye. When I asked the client why he thought he had this problem, much to my surprize, he said that given the state of the world he was saddened by what he saw and preferred not to know what was transpiring. As we uncovered his underlying fears it became apparent that he had a fear of feeling his sadness.

With MRP I was able to help him clear this fear entirely from his energy field and subsequently he noticed a subjective improvement in his vision in the affected eye. As we pursued other underlying emotional issues related to his impaired vision i.e. past traumas, several negative beliefs and fears, he noticed that his vision continued to improve.

The nature of his initial visual defect was such that the center of his vision in the affected eye was obliterated. As I worked with him over a period of 2 months, once per week, he ultimately began to notice that his centrally localized defect was slowly shrinking. So much so that on one particular day towards the end of the two month mark he was surprized to have a had a full day of near perfect vision in the previously affected eye.

I am currently attempting to repeat such case studies with hard documented measurements of changes in visual field defects and I am looking for suitable volunteers for this study.

Needless to say these findings have confirmed my suspicions of the degree to which the human bio-field can become distorted by a wealth of accumulated negative psychic experiences from one's life history. Such experiences, which at one level are experienced as negative thoughts, feelings, perceptions and memories, at another can be conceptualized as having corresponding frequency signatures that create local or diffuse frequency disturbances in what I consider the pristine morphogenetic frequency blueprint that is the natural healthy human bio-field.

This pristine bio-field is one in which there are no frequency disruptions and which therefore represents a field which corresponds to perfect mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual health. In other articles I have given this pristine field the name the Divine Holographic Energy Field ( i.e. in an article with the same name).

Nick Arrizza M.D. is an Energy Psychiatrist,Healer, Researcher, Speaker, Developer of the Mind Resonance Process(TM), and Author of "Esteem for the Self; A Manual for Personal Transformation" (avaialble as an e-book at: http://www.telecoaching4u.com/ebook.htm. He holds international telecoaching and teleconference sessions on healing mind, body and spirit with MRP. His Web Site is at: http://www.telecoaching4u.com

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