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How To Self Talk Your Way To Success?

Dear Friends,

All human beings have a unique ability right from birth, the ability to "think" and express his/her thoughts in the form of "speech", "written words" etc..

There are some individuals who can not speak because of the disabilities in the vocal mechanism of the body. But there is no individual on this planet who can't think.

Thoughts are the primary source of any kind of expression. Some thoughts are "reactions" to certain events in everyday life. According to ancient Indian medicinal studies called "Ayurveda", the quality of thoughts differs by the change in the quality of food we eat.

That's the reason why in ancient India, Knights and his armour were given food which would arouse them for fighting against the enemies.

These thoughts which we think everyday, have a major impact on our personalities and decides the actions we would take in future.

There is a common saying that "You Are What You Think You Are" and its true. If you change the way to think or talk to yourself, you can immediately start becoming a new person.

However self-talk doesn't necessarily mean talking loud, it includes your thoughts also, because as said above thoughts are the primary source of any expression.

Now how to use self-talk for maximum results?

If you observe closely every human being is always talking to himself. Even when you are reading these words, your mind will immediately try to judge the trueness or usability of the content outlined here. These springing back of thoughts is what makes you what you are right now.

This is true with any situation good or bad for you. This means that if you gain control over the reaction of your mind during various events happening in everyday life, you can easily "choose" the reactive thoughts, which would paint a different picture of you.

But this requires good concentration abilities and may not be a practical solution, though is possible.

That's why there are many more good techniques to carry out and feed your mind with productive thoughts which work for you.

Some of these methods are, using index cards and pasting them at places where they can be seen frequently, using audio tapes or CD's with affirmative messages.

By using these techniques the process of feeding your mind with positive affirmations becomes almost automatic. As you live your everyday life with regular routine the affirmative index cards keep on feeding you mind with messages written on them, without even disturbing you or any extra efforts from your part.

Audio tapes also have a very good response rate with those have used them for self improvement.

The key to success with self talk is the words which you use in the self talk. Writing a good self talk is an art and can be mastered wit a little practice

Copyright 2005 Shrinivas Vaidya

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