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Magic Mirror Exercise

Good morning I love you.

This is a basic exercise, which is performed when you first see yourself in a mirror, for most people this is usually in the morning when we go and wash and groom ourselves. It is generally accepted that the mood in which we start the day is the mood we carry through to the rest of the day, so start the day positively.

The purpose of the exercise is to bring; love, respect, confidence and a general feeling of well being into your life, and by so doing, you will also influence with the same effect, other people with whom you come into contact with throughout the day.

The Morning Magic Mirror Exercise.

Do this each and every day for as long as you can.

Each and every morning when you go to wash and groom yourself, you are to look in the mirror and greet yourself, just as if you were greeting a friend whom you had not seen for a while. Greet yourself affectionately; speak out confidently in a voice that you use for your loved ones (if you think others may be listening then just think the words to yourself).

Here is a typical example of what you could say.

"Good morning (your name) wow! Am I glad to see you. You're looking fantastic today, you seem to be getting younger looking every day. I love and respect you because you're a wonderful person and a wonderful friend. I know that you are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. You make me feel happy and loved. Thank you for listening to me".

It is important to stress the fact that it is not what you say but how you say it, so make sure you talk to yourself in a relaxed warm voice, under no circumstances must you say negative comments to yourself, about; how old you look "Oh no not another grey hair", "My nose is too big", etc.

It may be a little strange at first and you may not feel the results for up to a week after the initial starting day but persistence pays off, so keep on doing the exercise. Either say what is written above, or make it up as you go along and smile as you do so, this exercise is about you and your personal well being so make it as warm and affectionate as you can. You are to perform this exercise whether you're in a loving relationship or not.

Do not dismiss this exercise as trivial; it is an extremely powerful exercise. Everybody craves to be loved and admired, it is well known that people admire people who love and respect themselves. Everyone loves a winner

Below are some benefits that you may get from this exercise (you may be able to think of others).

  • Reduced stress level

  • Contentment

  • People will appreciate you

  • You will appreciate others

  • Extra zest for life

About The Author

Robert J Hardy is a publisher of personal life achievement books, manuals, and home study courses. His aim in life is to give you a better life. He owns a successful company called Achievement Strategies based in the UK. This article may be reproduced in any form but no part of this report may be added to, ammended, or deleted. This about the author comment must be added to the report if published.

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