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Understanding Visualization

Visualization is the art of using ones imagination to influence his/her being and existence in many different ways. Such as: Healing one's self, increasing personal growth, influencing the outcome of circumstances, attracting wealth and love, changing habits and acquiring possessions.

Affirmations are also key to many of the successes in visualization. Affirmations are statements declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment. Example! "I am beautiful and stress free". That statement together with concentrated emotions behind it yields very powerful realities over time, like a planted seed growing into a full fledge plant.

Finally relaxation is the last key ingredient to the whole visualization process (or rather the first key). You see, the process works perfectly when you're relaxed, similar to the meditation and quiet prayer states.

The Power of Your Thoughts

How does it work is very simple. Thoughts are essentially energy and very very creative in their nature. When the mind focuses enough thought (energy) it will eventually travel to another mind. The inner most desires of the sender will influence unconsciously, the person (recipient) to help materialize the desires of the sender. It works the same way for improving on one's own health. Example, your thoughts will influence the healing processes within your body depending on what kind of visualization you are doing. Images of seeing yourself being healed from chronic pain etc. is not uncommon and can and will work depending on the visual technique you implore.

If you exhibit positive thoughts in your daily life and just be positive, you'll be surprised at how many people will be attracted to your positive attitude and are willing to help you yield positive outcomes to situations/problems whether consciously or unconsciously.

The way you think is absolutely important to achieving your goals in life, weather they are for money, success or just plain health reasons. For instance, thinking you can't do certain things or that a task or dream is too big for you is limiting your possibilities. The possibilities for visualization is not limited, but your thoughts may well be. Over time, you will overcome such closed minded thinking as you continue to use small visualization techniques to achieve your ever growing and bigger goals.

The Process of Visualization

Understanding your goals to better achieve them. For example! 1. Visualizing toward a specific goal, only to realize that it is not what you want, results in much wasted time and aggravation to yourself. 2. Absolutely do not pay heed to any doubts that your mind may whisper to you. 3. Think about your goals and make sure they do not harm other people. 4. Negative visualization will come full circle. 5. Secure a quiet and tranquil place for you to concentrate and visualize. 6. Relax your entire body imagining yourself fully relaxed, inhale and exhale deeply to help in the relaxation process. 7. Visualize the object or situation you desire. 8. Take your time and visualize all the details that are relevant, because an unclear or indefinite image will yield poorer results. 9. You must use all five of your senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) along with your "emotions" to infuse the visualization process with energy in order for it to work for you. 10. Visualize at least twice a day about ten minutes per session. 11. Practice your visualizations each day until you succeed in your goals. Also! Remember to stay positive by exhibiting positive thoughts, emotions and affirmations (positive statements). 12. Throughout the day, the negative part of your being, may try to present you with negative thoughts and doubts, dismiss them and immediately replace them with more positive ones along with positive feelings.

Thinking Positively Works

I briefly discussed positive thinking earlier, now allow me to expand on what I said. Having positive thoughts in your mind does and will benefit you if you think them. At some point in your life, you've entertained negative thoughts to the point where it has disrupted your good mood, your behavior, the people around you and even certain situations. Here is a scenario: Alexander had an important exam that would allow him to graduate with a certificate, which in turn would automatically give him the promotion he sought within the company he worked for. Alexander studied all week and knew all of the answers to the exam of which he was preparing for. However! He thought to himself that he wasn't good enough to pass the class and that his classmates were all smarter than he was. His thoughts made him radiate negativity so much so, that he woke up late the morning of the exam. He also forgot to shave and take most of his class objects that were vital for the exam. During the exam, the professor noticed how dishevel he looked. The agitation in his behavior caused him to forget some of the answers he should have known. He also forgot the tools he needed at home to complete the examination. Nigel, another classmate and co-worker taking the exam, also studied all week and knew the answers to the questions. He visualized himself passing the test, acquiring the certificate and being promoted to the position he has always wanted. In addition! Nigel carefully packed all of the necessary tools the night before the exam, got up early the next morning, shaved, ate breakfast and attended class. The professor also noted how organized, well groomed, relaxed and prepared Nigel was. Due to Alexander's negative thoughts, he failed the exam and Nigel passed it securing the certificate and going on to achieve his goals within the company. Remember Alexander had the same knowledge as Nigel, but failed to shape his thinking in such a way that would have benefited him.

From that scenario I'm sure you can relate or identify to having a similar situation in your own life. Whether it be a job interview, a very important long awaited date with that special someone to be or even engaging in an important project.

The point I'm making here yet once again is your thoughts do control your actions and situations. How many times have you felt down about a certain situation and others would tell you to "think positive" about that same situation. Yet you would brush off those words without giving it a second thought.

Influence of Positive Thinking

Each of us affect the people we meet, positively or negatively depending on what thoughts currently govern our actions. If you smile and tend to think positively most times around people, they pick up on it and naturally want to be around you. If you have a tendency to be negative and pessimistic most times, they undoubtedly avoid you like the plague. Why? Because your thoughts make you react to situations and people negatively and that in turn causes them to also view and act negatively in their lives. Why would any rational person want to feel negative and down all the time. Solution! Change your thinking and you'll change your life.

Thoughts influence and shape our lives mostly subconsciously, but with the practice of visualization, thoughts can influence and shape consciously our day to day lives. The next time you begin to entertain the thoughts "I can't", quietly replace it with "I can" and feel the positive magnet take hold of your mind.

A Word About Affirmations

I mentioned earlier on that affirmations were key to the process of visualization. Guess what! I wasn't pulling your leg. Affirmations are the natural fuel systems that kick thoughts into over drive along with equally powerful emotions behind them. When using affirmations, it's important to use them in the present tense, instead of the future tense. Example, "The pain in my hands will be healed", implies that you intend for your hands to be healed sometime in the future rather than the here and now. The correct way to use it would be, "The pain in my hands have been healed" or "The pain in my hands are being healed". Believe me, the present tense affirmations are much more effective than one that makes references to an uncertain future.

Always repeat your affirmations for good effective results. Try to feel the emotions behind the affirmations to make them even more powerful and effective. Affirmations can also be used in a negative way, so be mindful of them. Example, "I'm too lazy to exercise" or "I'm stupid and can't do it". Those statements repeated regularly followed by their accompanying emotions, will result in the mind materializing what you wish your situation to be. Avoid negative affirmations like those that you may tell yourself subconsciously and replace them with more positive ones. Keep affirmations short, so concentration upon them are more stronger and eventually more effective.

Your Inspiration

Let visualization be your inspiration whenever you're feeling down or when things are not going your way. Your positive thoughts will uplift and show you another way. Let visualization aid in many of your health related issues. You'll be surprised as to how well it fosters your body's self healing.

Gabriel Foster is the editor for http://www.gabrielfoster.com, the online magazine for both vegetarians and natural health enthusiasts.

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