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Can Movie Theatres Compete with Home HD TV in the Future?

The battle is heating up for market share, home movie theatre, X-Box, Playstations and virtual reality take on the big screen and theme parks. You might be surprised to learn that the war is just beginning. You won't believe how high the stakes are now and what lengths they are willing to go to get your dollar.

With High Definition TV on large screen plasma TV it will be so real, you will literally feel as if you are there. As price comes down due to overseas manufacturing and supply and demand, we will see more and more families charging the remaining balance on their credit cards for these systems, they will connect them to DVDs and it will literally be like virtual reality in your own living room. Recently video gaming companies took a stock price hit waiting for the hardware such as the X-Box II and newest Playstation to catch up enabling them to run the latest versions of the most popular games.

As these technologies continue to enter our home as we know they will, is there still going to be a place in our lives for our present day big screen Movie Theatres with $12.00 per person costs with the inclusion the impulse purchase of soda and popcorn value pack? The movie theatres will have to come up with a greater and greater entertainment value to get people to continue to patronize them and that is exactly what is on the minds of the boardmembers of Hollywoods biggest studios.

Sure people will be more than interested in a Friday or Saturday evening at the Movies, but what about during the week competing against the comforts of our own homes, coupled with the price of gasoline to drive there and the inflation Greenspan has warned us of? Will movie theatres need to upgrade to 3D movies or IMAX type movies? Will they have to for survival? After all movie theatres are a business, buildings and property are expensive and ROI is the goal and it must be achieved. We have seen in the last two decades the closing of thousands and thousands family and locally owned theatres for the larger Multiplex Corporate theatres.

One way for movie go'ers to feel a greater entertainment value and enhanced experience is in the adding of brain wave enhancement. That's right and the plans on the table now are absolutely cutting edge technologies. For instance brain wave manipulation inside the theatre for the viewers will send out frequency impulses of Delta, Alpha, Beta, and Theta Brain wave frequency. In large multiplex Theatres certain rooms will contain such a system, which would have sound devices in the walls, which were broadcasts into the theatre. Imagine a seen where the actors were tired after fighting a storm all night in a boat. You would feel tired, then as a big wave crashed over the bow, you would feel anxiety. In a love seen you would feel very peaceful and content, even somewhat aroused? Imagine the enhanced experience you would feel? The studios are and they are betting on it.

Since the technology is now available it could be deployed anytime now. Of course for scary movies where your heart would race wildly out of control, perhaps grandma might not wish to attend. Movies would have to be not only labeled; "G", "PG-13", "R" there might also be intensity ratings on 1-5. Meaning you would have to sign a waiver to see the movie and also submit that you are in good physical shape similar to that form they have when you enter a 10K running race.

Even as the movie industry plots the future successes and legal ramifications and potential lawsuits of these technologies, the home entertainment living room virtual reality will surely follow along with the holographic projections and surround a sound ambience.

The entertainment industry is about ready to face off as this technology is deployed. Which one will you choose?

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