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35 Santity Savers - Get More Productive

Use these 35 sanity savers this year to help you become more productive and get more done in less time, so you can get on with life!


  • Only check your emails twice a day ? don't respond each time you receive an email it wastes too much time!

  • Set up folders for your inbox so you can 'electronically' file your emails when you have completed them.

  • Set up rules within your email so messages are automatically filed for you to read later.

  • Use colour coding so you can quickly glance over your inbox and see which messages are important.

  • When you have read an email and actioned it ? delete it.

  • Remove yourself from ezines or electronic newsletters you don't read.

  • Set up spam filters on your email.

  • Create an email signature with your contact information so it automatically sends your details with your email.

  • Leave an 'out of office' message if you are away from your desk for more than 24 hours.

  • Phone Calls

  • Record a voicemail to notify callers you will call back within 24 hours.

  • If you are busy all day, change your voicemail message to let callers know you will call them back the next day.

  • Include your email address in your voicemail for all phones so people can email you instead of leaving a message.

  • Avoid calling businesses between 10 AM ? 2 PM as people are in meetings or at lunch.

  • Turn off your mobile phone if you are working on an important project.

  • Divert your desk phone to your mobile if you leave the office to avoid checking two voicemail systems.

  • Use the lift as your guide for turning your mobile on and off. When you are getting into a lift for a meeting, turn your phone off. When you leave the meeting to return to the foyer ? turn your mobile on. This avoids the embarrassment of your phone ringing in an important meeting.

  • Filing

  • If you hate filing, allocate 15 minutes to do your filing every Friday afternoon. Whatever is left over can wait until the following Friday.

  • Label the outside of filing cabinets for quick reference.

  • File your manila folders in drawer alphabetically to help you find things quickly.

  • Use a label maker to keep your files tidy and easy to read.

  • Use coloured manila folders for different projects i.e. blue for staff, purple for projects, pink for personal etc.

  • Desk Management

  • Get rid of your in-tray ? it is a holding area for paper. If you have to have one, put it out of your line of sight so you don't get distracted looking at it all day.

  • Remove all unnecessary files and paper off your desk to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  • Keep your desk clear so you can focus on the task in front of you.

  • Reading

  • Create a reading file and every journal and 'FYI' document you receive, pop in the file and read once a week.

  • If you catch public transport to work carry your reading file with you so you can maximise your travel time.

  • General

  • Get a cleaner for your house ? pay someone else so you can enjoy your weekends.

  • Use couriers for odd jobs instead of spending your time driving and parking.

  • Order groceries and fruit online and have them delivered.

  • Stick a 'No Junk Mail' sign on your letterbox to avoid rubbish.

  • Open your mail over a bin so you can toss what you don't need.

  • Read your mail with a pen and make note on each document what action is required.

  • Pay your bills online to avoid cues and wasting your lunch times.
  • Neen is a Global Productivity Expert: by looking at how they spend their time and energy ? and where they focus their attention ? Neen helps people to rocket-charge their productivity and performance. A dynamic speaker, author and corporate trainer, Neen demonstrates how boosting your productivity can help you achieve amazing things. With her unique voice, sense of fun and uncommon common-sense, Neen delivers a powerful lesson in productivity.

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